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Problem-solving box series – Full set of 18 boxes – Year 1 to Year 6

Problem-solving is a vital skill that students need to develop from a young age. By using our new Problem-solving strategies and skills series, students will develop strategies to solve:

  • differentiated math-related word problems
  • logic problems
  • spatial reasoning problems and patterning problems


Number and algebra
  • counting, number recognition and ordinal numbers
  • addition and subtraction
  • multiplication and division
  • fractions
  • decimals
  • percentages


Measurement and geometry
  • length
  • area and perimeter
  • weight/mass
  • volume/capacity
  • 2D shapes
  • 3D objects
  • location and transformation
  • angles
  • tessellations


Statistics and chance
  • finding possible outcomes
  • probability
  • data represented in column graphs, line graphs, tables, pictographs, pie charts and other forms


  • 3 boxes per year level (18 in total) —Number and algebra, Measurement and geometry, Statistics and chance
  • 30 unique cards in each box
  • extension problem on the back of each card for differentiation
  • a variety of problem-solving questions including: word problems, logic problems, visual problems, rules and patterns, and finding all possibilities
  • problem-solving strategy icons on each card as visual reminders for students
  • an explanation card of how to use the cards
  • an explanation card of the strategy icons
  • answers

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