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R.I.C. Publications offer a range of educational resources for science, including teacher resource books, worksheets and boxes that allow students to develop their understanding of key science concepts through a variety of learning methods, including reading and comprehending texts, online research and hands-on investigations, experiments and projects.

In science, students use their curiosity of the world to study key concepts of biological, chemical, earth and space, and physical sciences. They learn about the living and non-living things in our world and the interrelationships between them, to determine changes over time and how these changes may impact our future.

Through the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students use collaborative project-based learning to propose, analyse and evaluate solutions to scientific issues, including the sustainability of our environment.

R.I.C. Publications’ science resources include whole class, pair and small-group activities that allow students to develop science inquiry skills as they build on their understandings of the world around them.