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Drama and Arts

Being good at art isn’t a requirement to teach it—sometimes it’s easy to forget that art doesn’t just involve painting a picture or creating a sculpture. It also involves music, dance, drama and media. Our products are filled with wonderful ideas that both students and teachers will find easy and enjoyable to create.

We have a range of products for younger students, including Early childhood art, Developing cutting skills and Action rhymes. These books have a range of fun and easy activities and plays, designed to introduce students to different types of art and to foster their enjoyment of creating and enjoying new experiences.

Older students will have hours of fun creating, painting, weaving, drawing, gluing and assembling a variety of collages, sculptures and paintings like the examples provided in Awesome art and craft, Primary art and Classroom art. But be warned—students will be having so much fun learning about art and creating their own masterpieces, they may never want to stop!